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At PDM Financial, we have a unique ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, always staying one step ahead of our competition. We take pride in listening to our clients and looking for opportunities to solve problems. We become more than a factoring company – but a partner to your business. 

Freight factoring

It’s 2021 – you shouldn’t have to worry about getting paid from your customers.

With us, you’ll get paid within hours. 

pdm app

Who knew factoring with PDM Financial could get even simpler? 

Submit paperwork, check credit on thousands of brokers, and more right from your fingertips. Available now on the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

credit checks

Looking to haul for a new broker?

We provide free, fast credit checks on thousands of brokers 24 hrs per day. 

fuel cards

Don’t let high fuel costs weigh down your growing business. 

We have a perfect fuel card for every type of fleet with an average savings of 35c per gallon. 


We are members of the IFA (International Factoring Association). The IFA sets guidelines and ethics standards for factoring companies across the US.

Membership into the IFA must be earned through the continuation of ethical business practices – so you know you’re factoring with the right people. 

extras just for you

Need a little more?

Our team has dispatching, insurance, and brokerage connections to help you get hauling faster. Ask a team member about all the services PDM can offer you today!

Clients always come first.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: 


“This is one of the best factoring companies out there and their rates are very reasonable. They strive to get your invoices on time all the time. They work with you to make sure you are fully satisfied.”


“Money is always there. They always answer my calls or texts. I recommend them to all my friends.”


“I plan on using PDM Financial for the long haul and would highly recommend them to anyone else.”


“They are, without a doubt, the best factorig company I have ever dealt with. They are more a partner to me than just a factoring company. I honestly don’t believe you can go wrong by choosing PDM.”

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