Our Partners & Affiliates

We work with a wide range of partners and affiliates to help provide a seamless, full-service solution for your growing needs.

International Factoring Association

Founded in 1999, the IFA (International Factoring Association) provides a way for Commercial Factors to discuss a variety of issues and concerns in the industry. Association membership is unable to be bought and must be earned by the members for following ethical business practices. 


ProfitStars is a leading software, solution, and technology innovator. Offering unmatched expertise, support, and customer service. ProfitStars strives to meet customers at the cross-section of their business challenges with solutions that address their unique needs.

Cargo Nerd

Cargo Nerd is a leading-edge app development and management firm servicing commercial transportation factors across the country. Cargo Nerd specializes in providing innovative and user-friendly technology at an affordable price point. 

Duns & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet delivers  insights on customers, suppliers and partners, backed by data on over 420 million organizations around the globe. DNB data, insights and software can help establish business credit, retain compliance, reduce supply chain disruption, and manage risk.


Ansonia’s unique database translates to more relevant information, which translates into making better credit decisions and making more money. Ansonia is a branch of Equifax Credit Company.


MudFlap is an innovator in the fuel card industry. With huge savings at hundreds of independently-owned fuel stations, the MudFlap App is the perfect choice for fleet owners. No fuel card, no fees, and no hassle. 


In 1978, a former fleet owner believed there had to be a better way for a driver to pay for fuel than a pocket fuel of cash and oil cards. From that belief came Multi Service Fuel Card, which not only gave fleet owners cash price at the pump, but account oversight and control like never experienced before.


Fleet-Tech Transportation Services (FTS) has been providing fuel card solutions in the U.S. and Canada since 1982. Their customer service driven organization can deliver fleets the level of service they deserve, with fuel discounts across the country.