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Is Business Factoring right for you?

As your business grows, the need for funding does too. Many businesses have immediate cash needs to maintain day to day functions, but clients don't always have the same urgency to pay their invoices. Invoice factoring allows you to get paid quicker meet your present and immediate cash needs.

How can Factoring help my company?

Factoring can be integral part of stabilizing your business' cash flow and increasing opportunities for growth. Unlike a bank loan, which requires a lengthy approval process and proves difficult to obtain, business factoring with PDM Financial has a quick processing period and unlimited funding potential that grows with your business. As long as there are invoices to be paid, your business can benefit from same day payments, increased productivity and faster growth.

Benefits of Business Factoring:

Same Day Funding
Streamlined back office services
Free customer payment collection
Competitive advance rates
Grow your business faster

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Posted by Troy in PDM Financial Blog on 10/30/2018
For many small companies, the time comes when they can’t handle the business side of the operation themselves. Fortunately, there is plenty of help available, from low-cost software programs that can speed business-side processes, to the other extreme – hiring office personnel to handle tasks such as billing and payroll.
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