what we do:

Freight Factoring

As your business grows, the need for funding does too. Many businesses have immediate cash needs to maintain day to day functions, but clients don’t always have the same urgency to pay their invoices. Freight factoring (also known as: accounts receivable factoring or invoice factoring) allows you to get paid quicker and meet your immediate cash flow needs. 

How can freight factoring help my company?

Factoring can be an integral part of stabilizing your business’ cash flow and increasing opportunities for growth. Unlike a bank loan, which requires a lengthy approval process and proves to be difficult to obtain, factoring with PDM Financial has a quick processing period and unlimited funding potential that grows with your business. As long as there are invoices to be paid, your business can benefit from same day payments, increased productivity, and faster growth. 

what are the Benefits of freight factoring?
  • Same Day Funding
  • Streamlined Office Services
  • Payment Collections
  • Competitive Advance Rates
  • Grow Your Business

More than freight factoring

At PDM Financial, we are ever changing to the needs and wants of our clients. We offer more than just factoring- like credit reports, fuel cards, insurance connections, and other lending. 

Credit Reports

A large part of your business is keeping books balanced and getting paid by clients and brokers. Don’t run the risk of finding yourself in a slow-paying or non-paying client situation. PDM Financial can provide tools for you to make smart decisions when taking on a new client or partner. 


A tailored insurance policy can help protect your business by transferring the risk to us. We can insure the extension of credit while you take care of the rest. 

Asset Lending

A growing business will require a growing source of income. For those times when you need a little more than freight factoring, asset based lending is a great option. ABL’s, while a bit more restrictive, are less costly than factoring and provide you with an extra level of free flowing cash that you need to scale your business. 

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